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WHOLEHEARTED:"I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special."

Movie quote from: Steel Magnolias (1989) - Shelby (Julia Roberts)

magnoliasI am always impressed by people who seek to experience all life has to offer.  Undeterred by personal challenges or life's obstacles, these individuals expect full value from their days.  They are 'all in', wholeheartedly pursuing the life they desire.  In the film Steel Magnolias, this spirit is personified in Shelby (Julia Roberts) and supported by an all-star cast of spicy Southern belles.  The character Truvy (Dolly Parton) tells us that "laughter through tears" is her favorite emotion.  This is the core emotion featured in the film as a group of straight-up friends live with the drama and great laughter of wholehearted lives.

Steel Magnolias features the interlaced lives of six strong women who frequent a Louisiana beauty parlor.  Never fearful to state their opinions, these women engage in funny and touching conversations that drive the film.  Discussions focus on the events of each other's lives, including Shelby's pending marriage and her commitment to having a baby.  There are health risks associated with her decision yet she's willing to risk everything to have a child.  The results of her decision lay the foundation for the movie's most profound and meaningful scenes.

The film raises a tough question.  Should we support the dreams of a person if those dreams have an element of danger?  My opinion is clear.  Whenever possible, we must support the pursuit of personal passions.  Support safety, mitigate uncertainties, but never mess with someone's dreams.  That's where life is found.

We have each made the choice to take the easier path.  We allow illness, inconvenience, uncertainty, or lack of knowledge to interfere with our pursuit of personal interests.  Shelby did not miss these opportunities.  Her character illustrates the rich results of pursuing "thirty minutes of wonderful" rather than "a lifetime of nothing special."  You may question her choices in the film but you can't question her commitment to living life.  Shelby is a role model for anyone allowing their shortcomings to disconnect themselves from life. 

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