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The Top 10 Wisest Quotes from Charlie Chan Films

charlie chanCharlie Chan is a fictional detective from the Honolulu Police Department who solved crimes and uttered wisdom in 47 different films between 1925 and 1949.  He solved crimes around the world, despite the unsuccessful support of his Number 1 and Number 2 sons.  Chan was played by six different actors, none of them Chinese.  These films introduced ancient Asian wisdom to North American pop culture.  Here are the wisest 10 quotes from Charlie Chan films.

“Waiting for tomorrow waste of today.”
Charlie Chan in Egypt (1935)

“Mind like parachute - only function when open.”
Charlie Chan at the Circus (1936)

“Long journey always start with one short step.”
Charlie Chan in Shanghai (1935)

“Optimist only sees doughnut. Pessimist sees hole.”

Charlie Chan in Paris (1935)

“Front seldom tell truth. To know occupants of house, always look in backyard.”
Charlie Chan in London (1934)

“If you want wild bird to sing do not put him in cage.”
Charlie Chan in London (1934)

“Suspicion often father of truth.”
Charlie Chan at the Race Track (1936)

“Journey of life like feather in stream - must go with current.”
Charlie Chan in Egypt (1935)

"Madness twin brother of genius because each live in world created by own ego. One sometimes mistaken for the other."

Charlie Chan at the Opera (1936)

“One grain of luck sometimes worth more than whole rice field of wisdom.”
Charlie Chan at the Circus (1936)

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