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The 6 Best Leadership Tips from Movie Presidents

NixonRonald Reagan never got to play a President of the United States until he was one.  However, many actors have played the Commander-in-Chief, including Charleton Heston, Henry Fonda, Robin Williams, George Clooney, Tom Selleck, Jeff Bridges, Michael Douglas, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, and Anthony Hopkins (twice - he played Adams and Nixon).  Real and fictional Presidents have offered some useful advice for President Elect Barack Obama.  Here are six tips from movie Presidents for America's next leader. 

"There is no weapon as powerful as that of an idea whose time has come."
The Contender (2000) – President Jackson Evans (Jeff Bridges)

“Oh you only fight the fights you can win?  You fight the fights that need fighting!”
The American President (1995) – President A.J. MacInerney (Martin Sheen) 

“I got news for you about both politics and life.  May I say, the two are exactly the same.  There are no ends, only means.”
The Best Man (1964) – President Art Hockstader (Lee Tracy)

“Presidents don't threaten. They don't have to.”
Nixon (1995) – President Nixon (Anthony Hopkins)

“Being President of this country is entirely about character.”
The American President (1995) – President Andrew Shepherd (Michael Douglas)

“The enemy's an age, a nuclear age.  It happens to have killed man's faith in his ability to influence what happens to him. And out of this comes a sickness, and out of sickness a frustration, a feeling of impotence, helplessness, weakness.  And from this desperation, we look for a champion in red, white, and blue.”
Seven Days in May (1964) – President Jordan Lyman (Frederic March)

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