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The 10 Best Performances by an Actor in 2009

BronsonThey will have a tough time selecting the best acting performances for the Academy Awards this year.  There were several outstanding performances by well known actors and by those lesser known.  From a crazed prisoner to a national hero to small-time workers delivering a tough message, here are the 10 best performances by an actor in 2009. 

1)  Tom Hardy - Bronson - This maniacal acting performance is the best of 2009, portraying a petty thief gone wild in a UK prison.

2)  Christoph Waltz - Ingourious Basterds - The smarmy politeness of Waltz's
     personified evil makes his Nazi enforcer even more diabolical and entertaining.

3)  Morgan Freeman - Invictus - No one else could have played the noble Mandela
     as well - South African accent and all.

4)  Peter Capaldi - In the Loop - His hilarious political manager brings new
     definition to foul-mouthed for a reason.

5)  Jeremy RennerThe Hurt Locker - A believable performance about an
     unbelievable master blaster living comfortably on the edge in Iraq.

6)  George Clooney - Up in the Air - Clooney is best when he says nothing at all,
     emerging from his disconnected life into a world of care and consideration.

7)  Tom Hollander - In the Loop - Be very afraid if political leaders are half as
     clueless and self-centered as Hollander's newbie politician.

8)  Woody Harrelson - The Messenger - Another flawless character performance
     as a military man bringing sad news to the families of fallen soldiers.

9)  Michael Sheen - The Damned United - He takes arrogance into the
     stratosphere as a driven under-performing UK professional football coach.

10) Sharlto Copley - District 9 - He takes us with him as he converts from
      privileged program leader to rebel cross-breed with a punch.

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