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"Everyone is stuck in this in-between state, not really experiencing anything."
"He's too stupid to be that stupid so he must be a genius."
"Civilization has become too civilized for us."
"Put aside your notions about how people are. The world will surprise you with its grace if you let it."
"Nothings lasts, so I don't expect it to."
"Man judges man's actions; God judges man's heart."
"Rules to Live By: (1) Never give up; (2) Be nice to one another; (3) Think good thoughts; (4) Try to do better; (5) Say Please and Thank You."
"There are no two words in the English language more harmful than, "'good job'."
"May the poor find wealth; those weak with sorrow find joy; may the forlorn find new hope, constant happiness and prosperity; may the frightened cease to be afraid and those bound be free; may the weak find power and may their hearts join in friendship."
"The longer the ride, the lonelier a man gets."
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