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Z File

"So many times in my life I've screwed up. I've talked when I should have listened. I've been harsh when I should have been tender."
"You never know what's going to decide your future."
"Problems that are left unattended have a tendency to become crises."
"Stories hurt, stories heal.  If we repeat them often enough, they become real.  They have that power.  They make us who we are."
"The world is perfect.  Appreciate the details."
"I have this rule - enjoy the little things."
"One must make compromises in order to achieve greatness."
"Anything mentionable is manageable."
"In life, things happen.  You may not want them to but they do.  You just got to do your best and move on."
"Thank you for whatever you do, wherever you are, that brings joy and light and hope and faith and pardon and love to your neighbors and to yourself."
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