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Woody Allen

"A lot is my favorite number."
"The brain is the most over-rated organ."
"Think of me as a detour on the highway of life."
"Nothing worth knowing can be understood with the mind."
“The question is - have I learned anything about life.  Only that human beings are divided into mind and body.  The mind embraces all the nobler aspirations, like poetry and philosophy, but the body has all the fun.”
“A relationship, I think, is like a shark. It has to constantly move forward or it dies.  I think what we’ve got on our hands is a dead shark.”
“I was thrown out of N.Y.U. my freshman year for cheating on my metaphysics final, you know. I looked within the soul of the boy sitting next to me.”
“Don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone I love.”

“That was the most fun I’ve ever had without laughing.”
“Sun is bad for you. Everything our parents said was good is bad. Sun, milk, red meat, college.”
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