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"When I was a warrior, I dreamed I could bring peace.  Sooner or later though, you always have to wake up."
“The thing that haunts a man the most is what he isn’t ordered to do.”
“In war, trust is the first casualty.”
“You don't defeat an empire fighting by their rules.”
"I and the public know what all school children learn - those to whom evil is done, do evil in return."
“In chess and in war the key to winning is to anticipate what your opponent will do in advance. Think two moves ahead. The art of asymmetrical warfare is less about inflicting damage than provoking a response.”
“This is a military operation.  Nothing ever goes according to plan.”
“It’s not a fight if somebody doesn’t fight back, is it?
“What we see and do in war - the cruelty, is unbelievable.  But somehow we gotta make some sense out of it.  To do that, we need an easy-to-understand truth and damn few words.”
“Every jackass thinks he knows what war is, especially those that have never been in one.”
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