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The Weather Man

"I remember once imagining what my life would be like, what I'd be like.  I pictured having all these qualities, strong positive qualities that people could pick up on from across the room.  But as time passed, few became qualities that I actually had.  And all the possibilities I faced, and the sorts of people I could be, all of them got reduced every year to fewer and fewer until finally they got reduced to one - to who I am.  And that's who I am."
“She should find another interest, one she can take more from.”
“You always worry about your kids, no matter how old.  There’s always looking after.”
“Do you know that the harder thing to do and the right thing to do are usually the same thing?  Nothing that has meaning is easy.”
“Things didn’t work out the way I predicted.  Accepting that is not easy.  But easy doesn’t enter into grown-up life.”
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