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The Historian

"It's not what you write down that's real, it's what you do in the end."
"Where the dead are remembered, they remain alive and connected to the living."
"I stopped being an idealist a long time ago because education is a business."
"They weren't just trying to make people smarter.  They were trying to make them better."
"Nothings lasts, so I don't expect it to."
"You must always anticipate the counter-argument."
"Your work is your life.  Everything else is debris and distractions."
"My work is not a piece of writing designed to meet the taste of an immediate public, but rather was done to last for all time."
"Writing a dissertation is really more about endurance than skill."
"Rules to Live By: (1) Never give up; (2) Be nice to one another; (3) Think good thoughts; (4) Try to do better; (5) Say Please and Thank You."
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