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The Glass Menagerie (1966)

"Everybody excels in some one thing."
"Some people say that science clears up all the mysteries.  I think it just creates more."
"A well-cooked meal has lots of delicate flavors in it that have to be held in the mouth for appreciation."
"All pretty girls are a trap, men expect them to be."
"Little bird-like women without a nest, eating the crust of humility all their life."
"I am tired of the movies.  Look at them – all those glamorous people having adventures, hogging it all, gobbling the whole thing up.  You know what happens?  People go to the movies instead of moving.  Hollywood characters are supposed to have all the adventure for everybody in America while everybody in America sits in a dark room and watches them have it."
"A girl couldn't do worse than to put herself at the mercy of a handsome appearance."
"Man is by instinct a lover, a hunter, a fighter."
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