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The Barefoot Contessa

"Life, every now and then, behaves as though it had seen too many bad movies, when everything fits too well - the beginning, the middle, the end. Fade in, fade out."
“I suppose when you spend most of your life in one profession, you develop what could be called an occupational point of view.”
“A script would’ve made so much more sense than life does.”
“I never met a rich man yet who didn’t think he was loved in spite of his money.”
“There is more to talking than just words.”
“It’s never too late to develop character.”
“A man who can write something, or can teach someone to act, is worth much more than a man who only has money.”
“To make a hundred dollars into a hundred and ten dollars – this is work.  To make a hundred million into a hundred and ten million – this is inevitable.”
“When the sick one is yourself, you cannot run away.”
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