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Sound City

“Everybody’s heart beats a little different.  Everybody’s got a little different feel.”
“You’re in your 20’s and you don’t know this isn’t going to last forever.”
“When you’re young, you’re not afraid of what comes next.  You’re excited by it.”
“The down side these days is thinking that, “I can do this all on my own”.  Yes, you can do this on your own but you’ll be a much happier human being if you do it with other human beings.”
“It’s so hard to be understood in life.  That’s why, when you meet someone where you understand each other in that moment, you sort of want to hold on to it.”
“Music really isn’t supposed to be perfect.  It’s all about people relating to each other and doing something that’s really from the soul.  It must come from the soul.”
“’Feel’ is not something that you learn in a book.  ‘Feel’ is something that you find as a musician.”
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