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Shep Gordon

"His joy came through always putting the comfort of other people before his."
"The three most important things a manager does: One is 'get the money'.  Two is 'always remember to get the money'.  Three is 'never forget to always remember to get the money."
"Every famous person that I met was damaged by the fame."
"What's real important in conducting business is to attempt to do compassionate business, which means that there aren't winners and losers.  There are only winners."
"I felt the stress of L.A., the culture of 'what you are' not 'who you are'.  Everything external, very little internal."
"May the poor find wealth; those weak with sorrow find joy; may the forlorn find new hope, constant happiness and prosperity; may the frightened cease to be afraid and those bound be free; may the weak find power and may their hearts join in friendship."
"There's nothing about fame that I've ever seen that's healthy.  It is something that is very hard to survive and has no intrinsic value unto itself."
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