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Seymour Bernstein

"Music speaks concordantly to a troubled world, dispelling loneliness and discontent, it's voice discovering in it those deep recesses of thought and feeling where truth implants itself.  Music offers no quarter for compromise, no excuses, no subterfuge, no shoddy workmanship.  And we sense in music an extension of ourselves, a reminder of our own potential for perfection."
"The struggle is what makes the art form."
"You won't enjoy the resolution unless you have dissonance.  What would it be if we didn't have the dissonance?  We wouldn't know the meaning of the resolution."
"Most people don't tap that resource of the God within."
"What upsets me about religion is that the answers always seem to be apart from us in the form of the Deity.  And we depend upon the Deity for salvation.  But I firmly believe that it is within us."
"Every note can't be passionate."
"Without craft, there isn't any real artistry."
"The real essence of who we are resides in our talent."
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