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sexFor many people, sex is an act of spontaneous physical combustion. In truth, human sexuality exists on physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual levels. The more levels you involve, the deeper the intimacy between consenting players. Unlike those who seek to develop their sexuality through a variety of physical experiences, many have discovered the ecstacy of connecting more deeply with one person.

Here is how Hollywood has described the mystery that is human sexuality.

"No desire if it's not forbidden."
"I learned too late that I can get where I need to with two or three drinks."
"I'd settle for one shade of grey."
"My safe word is "keep going".
"I want a body pressed up next to me so that I know that I'm really here."
"I can hear your pants growing."
"Just so you know, you're a natural lover. Your body expresses beautifully what's in your heart."
"I hear that being a cougar is a big thing but I can't find anyone who wants to be 'couged'."
"Why would God bestow upon us a sexual desire that he then wants us to resist?"
“Genitals are over-rated.”
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