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"You've got to be greater than the haters."
"We all need a standing ovation at least once in our life."
"We are all formed of frailty and error.  Let us pardon reciprocally each other's follies."
"A man must learn to trust before he can be trusted."
"Don't you go through life worrying about whether somebody likes you or not.  You best be making sure that they're doing right by you."
"You've sold your soul so many times, nobody's buying it anymore."
"Coach lands on the runway at the exact same time as first class."
"To be admired and to be respected is a protection against helplessness and against insignificance."
"The wounds of honor are self-inflicted."
"Honor is something that all men are born with.  It cannot be taken from you nor can it be granted.  It must only not be lost."
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