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“There are many paths to God, my son.  I hope yours will not be too difficult.”
"Man was created in the image of God. But there the similarity ends."
“You’re my only religion, you’re all I’ve got.”
“Never doubt for one instant the efficacy of prayer.”
“It appears to me it’s been planned a fellow’s got to have his roots in something outside his own self.”
“Prayer is only another name for good, clean, direct thinking.”
“They’re apt to be slightly narrow-minded, these righteous people.”
"All those important things – mother and daughter, husband and wife, enemy and enemy, money and miser, all those terribly important things, the earth part kinda burns away, burns out.  And what's left when memory's gone and your identity, Mrs. Smith?  Something eternal.  We all know down in our bones that something is eternal and that something has to do with human beings."
“A fella ain't got a soul of his own, just a little piece of a big soul, the one big soul that belongs to everybody.”
"There are moments in every man's life when he glimpses the eternal."
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