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“A place where we all go can’t be bad.”
“All men need something greater than themselves to look up to and worship. They must be able to touch the divine here on earth.”
“Son, in 35 years of religious study, I have only come up with two hard incontrovertible facts: there is a God, and I'm not Him.”
“Oh, honey, God don't care which church you go, long as you show up!”
“The central message of Buddhism is not ‘every man for himself’.”
“There's enough religion in the world to make men hate each other, but not enough to make them love.”
“What’s the good of moral outrage unless you have something tangible to direct it against?”
“Me and God, we be mates.”
"We're not owners here, Karen.  We're just passing through."
“I am a Muslim and a Hindu and a Christian and a Jew and so are all of you.”
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