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"There is something about connecting over mutual hatred that is so much deeper than mutual love."
"Everybody needs somebody, Jordan."
"Our lives are not just measured in years.  They are measured in the lives we touch around us."
"We forget things if we have no one to tell them to."
"I'm just playing a part in your story."
“The down side these days is thinking that, “I can do this all on my own”.  Yes, you can do this on your own but you’ll be a much happier human being if you do it with other human beings.”
“It’s so hard to be understood in life.  That’s why, when you meet someone where you understand each other in that moment, you sort of want to hold on to it.”
“Rob a man of everything and that man will no longer be in your power.”
“Nobody’s anybody’s anything anymore.”
“It’s all about who you lay down with when the lights go out.”
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