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"Don't ever phone if you could possibly come yourself.  Don't ever leave if you can stay."
"When you play solitaire, you can only beat yourself."
“A triangle is always a favorite topic.”
“Everybody’s somebody’s fool.”
“It’s the same with the churches, the moonlight, the relics, or a Cuba Libre, nothing in the world is any good unless you can share it.”
“When will you realize that in this world today, isolationism is no longer a practical policy.”
“It doesn’t make any difference how many people you talk to in a day, if you haven’t that someone that really cares for you, you’re all alone.”
"Maybe there ain't no sin and there ain't no virtue, there’s just what people does.  Some things folks do is nice and some ain't so nice, and that's all any man's got a right to say."
“There’s always one who loves and one who is loved.”
“It’s always the same.  If you want a man to be nice to you, you have to be rotten to him.”
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