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“I think any relationship is not based on either compromise or maturity or perfection or any of that.   It’s really based on luck.  People don’t like to acknowledge that because it means a loss of control.  But you really have to be lucky.”
“As long as we just keep a little friction between us, there’s no problems.”
“I don’t know what your problem is but I don’t think you’re going to solve it by trying to solve mine.”
"She'd make a jazzy weekend but she'd be a bit wearing for a steady diet."
“Any youngster like yourself who figures to set the world on fire best not forget where he got the matches.”
“When you’re used to being lonely and somebody comes in and moves that around, it’s sort of scary I guess.”
“Verbal volleyball is not my idea of a relationship.”
“Ex-husbands always seem to make a special effort.”
"I just reached the conclusion that nothing matters in the world except someone to take the edge off one's being alone.  The right somebody."

"You can't be a part of the human race and not be a fool to somebody."

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