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relationshipsCharacter development is inevitable when you spend time in the company of others. We are all influenced by the people with whom we spend our time. Personal vitality thrives in the connectedness of good relationships. Take every opportunity you can to connect meaningfully with another human being.

Here are some samples of what the movies have to say about relationships.

"Men and women grow apart but the journey they shared together will always be a part of them."
"Respect is the key to the rebuilding of a relationship."
"I would rather walk with my brother in the darkness than go alone in the light."
"We all need a genuine sense of home."
"Every human being is a puzzle of need.  You must learn to intuit what is missing, become the missing piece, and they will give you anything."
"The wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers."
“Our legacy isn’t what we write on our resume or how many commas we have in our bank account. It’s who we’re lucky enough to have in our lives.”
“If we stick together, we win.”
"Mistrust does not bode well for any union."
"A relationship cannot be built on a lie."
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