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The 15 Best Movie Quotes for a Retirement Speech

The 15 Best Movie Quotes for a Retirement SpeechRetirement represents the end of a phase of a person's life.  It does not mean that person's life is over.  In fact, many people's post-work life is as long as their employed existence.  As a person moves from the work phase of life to one where work is diminished, there may be an opportunity to say goodbye to colleagues in the form of a speech.  Here are the best 15 movie quotes for use in a retirement presentation.

20 Best Movie Quotes About War

warWar is a touchy subject nowadays.  Many people have strong feelings about the rightness or wrongness of war.  At the 30,000 foot level, it seems like a noble fight for freedom and national priorities.  On the front lines, it's a different story, more about inhumanity, brotherhood, and fear.  The movies have featured perspectives from both sides of the war on war.  For Memorial Day, here are 20 diverse movie quotes about the warfare that has been with us since the first days of mankind.

The 10 Smartest Movie Quotes for a Job Interview

job 2
During my professional life, I hired a lot of people.  Sometimes, one candidate would stick out from the rest; they demonstrated a wisdom that gave them a 'halo effect'.  For some reason, I felt like they would be the best fit with the job and the rest of our team.  Often it was something they said, a wise perspective shared in response to a question.  Here are the top ten movie quotes that would have impressed me if they were responses to the appropriate question.

The 7 Wisest Movie Quotes About Men

three men
Throughout the decades, movie titles have featured the word ‘Man’, preceded by some other catchy word, like Weather, Rain, Invisible, Spider, Music, Cinderella, Inside, Quiet, Family, Lawnmower, Raggedy, Hollow, Demolition, Best, Thin, Little Big, or Marathon.  We’ve seen 12 Angry Men, A Few Good Men, Grumpy Old Men, X-Men, Children of Men, and even Three Men and a Baby.  Here are the seven smartest movie quotes about the Y chromosome gender.

The 7 Wisest Movie Quotes About Women

women 2There have been many movie titles about women, including Little Women, Pretty Woman, Scent of a Woman, The French Lieutenant's Woman, An Unmarried Woman, and the Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.  However, no title quite sums up what every other gender wants to know - What Women Want.  Here are the seven best movie quotes about women.

TOP FIVE: Wisest Quotes from Best Picture Oscar Winners of the 1980’s

chariotsThe 80’s turned its attention to its own navel, as culture became obsessed with ‘Me’.  The studios shifted their focus from quality director-centric flicks to more media-centric blockbuster movies.  In the end, the Academy continued to like great stories, giving Oscars to higher quality films about doing what’s right.  Here are the wisest quotes from the Best Picture winners of the 1980’s.

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