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11 Best Movie Quotes About Summer

Movies like the season of summer.  Summertime features more freedom, romance, summer camps, sunshine, vacations, beaches, and new friends.  Many great screen stories are set in the heat of the summer sun.  They include Summer Holiday, Suddenly Last Summer, Beach Blanket Bingo, The Long Hot Summer, The Endless Summer, Blue Hawaii, Parent Trap, and Summer of '42.  As we enjoy the warmth and unpredictable weather of the season, here are the 11 best movie quotes about summer.

The 5 Wisest Dumbledore Quotes in a Harry Potter Film

dumbledoreThe source of wisdom in the Harry Potter movies and books is the Hogwarts headmaster, Albus Dumbledore.  Most J.K. Rowling characters are caught up in the emotions of immediate things.  Dumbledore sees life's events from a broader perspective, as should be expected from a 150-year-old wizard.  Here are the five wisest quotes from the Harry Potter movies so far.

Our 5 Favorite Quotes From a Dracula Film

draculaAlex Proyas, the director of cult classics The Crow, Dark City, and I, Robot, has committed to directing a movie for Universal Studios about the origins of Dracula.  The film is entitled Dracula Year Zero and integrates the real history of Vlad the Impaler with the epic myths of the prince of darkness.  Since the original Dracula was launched on movie screens in 1931, more than 100 films have featured the head vampire who loves the howling sounds of “the children of the night.”  Here are our TOP FIVE favorite quotes from a Dracula film.

The Best 10 Movie Quotes About Freedom

fireworksThe U.S. is not the only country to celebrate its national freedom in July.  Canada, Burundi, and Rwanda all celebrate their independence on July 1st.  Many countries left Spain in July, including Argentina, Peru and Venezuela.  Colombia celebrates its national freedom from Spain twice – in July and August.  Other July independence celebrations are held in Algeria, the Bahamas, Slovakia, Belgium and the appropriately named Liberia.  For nations across the world celebrating independence in July or any other month, here are 10 great movie quotes about freedom.

The 10 Worst Pick-up Lines from the Movies


The Top 10 Movie Quotes for Use in a Wedding Toast

geishaThe speeches are the best part of a wedding.  Sometimes they are tedious but most often they are funny and touching.  I never tire of hearing the best man say, “I love you, man” to his lifelong friend.  I always choke up when the Dad pauses to get through his thoughtfully worded speech to his daughter.  The best part is often the toasts to the bride and groom, made by special people in the couple’s lives.  Here are the ten best movie quotes for spicing up the message to newlywed friends.

The 11 Best Movie Quotes About Teachers

hollandSchool teachers don't get the respect they deserve.  The headlines don't feature the educator who spends hundreds of dollars of her own money on classroom materials.  We don't thank the English teacher who marks papers all weekend to make his students more literate.  For all you teachers who advocate every day for your students, here are the 11 best quotes from film about your profession.

11 Best Movie Quotes for Newscasters Who Run Out of Things to Say About Paris Hilton

parisWhat is it about Paris Hilton that makes her front page news?  Paris is in jail, she’s out, she’s back in, she’s not eating, she’s found God, she’s on suicide watch, she’s on The View, she’s on….again.  What more is there to say about Paris Hilton?   Here are 11 movie quotes for pop culture newscasters that run out of things to say about Paris.

The 5 Wisest Quotes From Angelina Jolie in a Film

Although Angelina Jolie has been in a lot of movies, her characters seldom get to say interesting things.  The best lines she has been given are a reflection of the person she is known to be.  From Hackers in 1995 to her Academy Award for Girl, Interrupted in 1999 to this year's A Mighty Heart, here are the top five most interesting lines said by Angelina Jolie in a movie.   

The 14 Best Movie Quotes for Your Graduation Speech

gradEvery graduation speech needs a few quotes to spice up the message.  Movie quotes allow the speaker to compare each graduate's life to a motion picture.  Each grad is the author, director, and star of their own unfolding film.  To make their life great, they must define their character, build their story, and connect to their own supporting cast.  Here are the 14 best movie quotes we have found for use in your graduation speech.

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