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7 Best Movie Quotes About Horses

seabiscuitIn 1978, Affirmed ran his way into the history books at the Belmont Stakes, winning the last Triple Crown of horse racing.  Thirty years later, Big Brown will try to match that rare achievement by winning his third major race this year.  Horses have been a part of pop culture since the dawn of film.  From Black Beauty to National Velvet to Seabiscuit, we have loved to love our horses.  Here are the best seven movie quotes about a horse.

9 Bits of Motherly Advice from the Movies

Georgia Rule
Mothers in the movies are not always portrayed in a positive light.  Think Mommy DearestHowever, motherly advice is often referenced in film.  Beyond the standards of not taking candy from strangers (except on Halloween) and staying out of the pool after meals, here are nine useful pieces of advice from Moms referenced on the big screen.

6 Favorite Movie Quotes About the Pope

shoes of the fishermanLife is full of ironies.  Just as the Muslim religion passed Roman Catholic as the world’s largest religion, Pope Benedict XVI conducted the third-ever mass at Yankee Stadium, following the lead of Popes Paul VI and John Paul II in earlier decades.  It’s clearly time for some pop culture papacy.  The Pope has always been featured in various screenplays across the ages, including Becket, The Agony and the Ecstasy, The Shoes of the Fisherman, Godfather III, The Omen, and, most recently, in The Da Vinci Code.  Here are our six favorite movie quotes about the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

The 10 Best Movie Quotes by Charlton Heston

charlton hestonCharlton Heston has unfortunately become best known for his pro-NRA stance.  This obscures much of his great work in films.  He has played many of history’s best characters, including Michelangelo, Ben-Hur, Moses, John the Baptist, Marc Antony, and Henry the Eighth.  In honor of Mr. Heston, here are the 10 best quotes from his acting career.

The 11 Most Interesting Dolly Parton Movie Quotes

dolly partonDolly Parton has done five or six movies in her lifetime and yet her characters are a fountain of clever (and sometimes corny) lines.  The quotes are usually something to do with her looks, her body, faith, or the importance of treating people in a decent way.  I suspect these are the most obvious attributes of Ms. Parton.  Here are the 11 most interesting quotes from Dolly Parton in a movie.

The 10 Best Movie Quotes About Baseball


The 9 Best Movie Quotes About the Beatles

beatlesPop culture has rediscovered the music of the Beatles.  Throughout the most turbulent years of the 1960’s, the songs of Lennon and McCartney dominated the charts while the Beatles themselves became icons for everything that people loved or despised about that era of change.  Back then, it was the Beatles image that filled everyone’s hearts and minds.  Today, we can simply hear the massive quality of their music.  Here are the 9 best film quotes about the Beatles.

The 10 Best Movie Quotes About the High School Experience

cluelessMost Hollywood writers did not seem to enjoy high school.  At Hollywood High, teachers are boring morons, popular students are shallow and self-centered, and the popular unpopular students are clever cynics who seldom go to class.  If only life was so stereotypical.  Yet within all this redundant writing, there are some pearls of wisdom.  For most people, high school was a challenging time of personal change.  Here are the 10 film quotes that we believe best capture what high school was like for the majority of students. 

8 Wisest Movie Quotes About the Fuel Shortage

boomtownOil prices are now over $100 a barrel.  This can’t be good for Planet Earth.  With all our human ingenuity, why aren't the great majority of us driving vehicles fueled by some other more abundant and planet-friendly substance?  Can’t we invent a reasonably priced car that gets 200 miles to the gallon?  Oil has often been the topic of films over the ages.  Here are 8 wise comments from motion pictures about fuel and why our collective planetary fuel gauge is running low.

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