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The 12 Best Movie Quotes to Advise Lottery Winners

LotteryFor some people, their career plan is to win a lottery.  Others join work lottery pools for fear that they will miss out on a staff win.  Called the "stupid tax" by some, lottery tickets sell most when the chances of winning are at their worst.  However, some people do go from rags to riches when their numbers come up.  Here are 12 bits of movie quote advice for those very few lucky enough to take home the big prize.

The 10 Best Movie Quotes to Use in a Funeral Speech

funeralOne of the toughest things to do is speak at the funeral of a friend or family member.  The room is always full of emotion and you can feel it when you speak.  At meaningful funerals, great stories are told of a life well lived.  Sometimes a movie quote can sum up what needs to be said.  Here are our favorite ten quotes for use in a funeral speech.

The 12 Best Movie Quotes About the Irish

darby o-gillThe movies are rich with Irish characters.  However, the image of the Irishman is an odd mix of magic, drunkenness, poverty, and ‘boys will be boys’.  It’s no wonder that St. Patrick’s Day is such a party without a point.  Most revelers have no idea who St. Patrick was, with a few appreciating that he somehow is credited with running all the snakes out of a country that never had any.  In honor of all those characters with ‘a little Irish in them’, here are the top 12 movie quotes about the Irish.

Reel Life's Top Ten Movies of 2011

A Separation2011 featured lots of good movies but no great ones.  Some critically acclaimed films failed to deliver to our tastes, including The Tree of Life and Meek’s Cutoff.  Some lesser known films not on our list, like Martha Marcy May Marlene and Melancholia, show great promise for emerging films. We admit our preference is for great stories, rather than artistic renderings.  From that perspective, here are our favorite films of 2011.

The 11 Best Movie Quotes About Theater

 Movies are the offspring of theater.  They speak th

The 12 Best Examples of How Movies View Politics

The Campaign

Reel Life's Top Ten Movies of 2010

The King's SpeechThere were a lot of enjoyable movie experiences in 2010.  We found ourselves immersed in speechless England, a multiplicity of dreams, terrorist tribulations, crazy ballet, and the lives of discarded toys.  We lived the harshness of life in the Ozarks, in the MA towns of Lowell and Charlestown, and in the emerging world of digital enterprise.  Movies did what they do best in 2010 – presented us with a couple of hours of thought-provoking uncharted realities.  Here are our ten favorite films from 2010.  

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