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“They’re all about where people come from.  The only thing important is where somebody’s going.”
“Now I know why I could never care about anything before this.  I was living a lie.”
“If you want something, nothing is impossible.”
“The unhappiest people of the world are retired – no purpose.  What makes life mean something is purpose – a goal, a battle, a struggle.”
“Let’s focus on where you could end up, not where you were or are.”
“Football is just a game.  What matters is what you play for.”
“As far as I’m concerned, that’s what everybody needs.  You need that one badass thing that lets you live on forever.”
“You’re not a man unless you’ve got a cause.”
“When you break a promise to yourself, things can get a little dicey.”
“I want people to remember me after I die.  I don’t want to just live for nothing.”
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