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Proactive Living

proactive livingProactive living is 'life on purpose'. This differs from reactive living, which is 'life in response to others'. A part of every day must be reserved for doing purposeful things. Build your own unique life story.

Here's what the movies have to say about proactive living.

"Life is very fleeting; I've learned that. It has moments you should seize."
"Life is good but it can be better."
"Every man should be an author of his own story."
"You gotta keep living, man. You gotta keep living life."
"You either stand in the corner or get in the ring."
"What you do with your gifts is entirely up to you."
"Life isn't about finding yourself or finding anything.  Life is about creating yourself and creating things."
"You have to honor the past but we make our own future."
"To live in the past is to die in the present."
"Life is short, the world is wide.  I want to make some memories."
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