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"It's easy to be liberal when you're rich."
“It's sad that governments are chiefed by the double tongues.”
“There’s no such thing as a young republican.”
“I don’t need a defense anymore, I embrace.  I’m still fighting for the big issues in my small individual way.”
It’s an old trick, to unify people by getting them to hate something or someone.”
"History will recall someday that the decisions of an empire were made only by greedy businessmen, scheming generals, and conniving politicians."
“What matters in our profession, which is really life, is how you do things and how you treat people and what you really feel about them.  It’s not some ideal goal for society or for yourself.”
“This is exactly the sort of thing I went into politics to stop.  All this business of gossip instead of issues, personality instead of policy.”
“I got news for you about both politics and life.  May I say, the two are exactly the same.  There are no ends, only means.”
"The new thing is to care passionately and be right wing."
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