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“The stars can change in their courses, the universe go up in flames, and the world crash around us, but there will always be Donald Duck.”
“I don’t really fish for fish.  I just like it as an excuse for doing nothing.”
“Everyone should have a chance at a breathtaking piece of folly once in his life.”
"There's a lot to be said for making people laugh.  Did you know that's all some people have?  It isn't much but it's better than nothing.”
"It seems to me, once in your life, before you die, you ought to see a country where they don't speak any English and they don't even want to."
“Humor is a wonderful thing and we shouldn’t waste any of it that comes our way.”
“Well just smile…at anything, at the whole ridiculous spectacle of life.  Of people being so serious, taking themselves pompously, exaggerating their own importance.”
“My profession?  Keeping my body fit, keeping my mind alert, and keeping the landlord appeased.  That’s a fulltime job.”
“People here are funny.  They work so hard at living, they forget how to live.”
Never mix business with pleasure.”
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