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"You know what the old soldier said in the parade?  Hey look, everybody's out of step but me."
"If you dedicate yourself to anything, one facet of that is it makes you very self-conscious."
"There's good self-consciousness and then there's also a toxic, paralyzing, raped-by-psychic-Bedoins self-consciousness."
"It's not what you do, it's when and where you do it, and who you do it to or with. If nobody sees it, it didn't happen."
"If you're going to be here, be here man.  Be present."
"To truly understand how things end, you must first know how they begin."
"When you don't fit in, you're forced to see the world from many different angles and points of view.  You gain knowledge and life lessons from disparate people and places.  And those lessons, for better or worse, have shaped me."
"People don't know what they want until you show it to them."
"Unless we look inwards, we will never be able to clearly see outwards."
"Our culture deliberately drives people to focus outside so it can control them.  If you can make people slaves of consumerism, slaves of success, slaves of status, you can manipulate them completely."
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