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perspectiveThe world is a half glass of water. You are a half glass of water. Your perspective determines whether you focus on what you have or what you are missing. It is wise to be aware of personal and social shortcomings. However, life is richer when you immerse yourself in the great things within your reach.

Here are many movie quotes about the topic of human perspective.

"It doesn't matter what you do. It only matters what they think you've done."
"You've got to wake up every day and you've got to say, "Yes yes yes!"
"To see something, you must believe in it."
"Sometimes you don't see the line until you've crossed it."
"What if everybody said no. Nothing would happen. Nothing would get off the ground."
"Bliss is a state of mind that can only be achieved by understanding the contrast with the opposite state of mind."
"Everything looks very very different when you're looking at it from the bottom up."
"It is the critics who drive improvement. It is the critics who are the true optimists."
"There is no color in the universe, only in the brain."
"People don't see what they're not looking for."
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