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Paul Newman

“We all die.  It’s just a question of when.”
"Sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand."
"A man's gotta go his own way."
“It happens to everybody, horses, dogs, men.  Nobody gets out of life alive.”
“The others were born satisfied.  I had to get something better.”
“My trade was youth, and war either makes you age fast or die fast.”
“Imagine a whole lifetime full of hopes and dreams and ambitions being wiped out by a two-inch accident like a bullet.”
“The big difference between people is not between the rich and the poor, the good and the evil.  The biggest of all differences between people is between those who have had pleasure in love and those who haven’t.”
“Anything can be great. I don't care, bricklaying can be great if a guy knows what he's doing and why and if he can make it come off.”
"A 25% slice of something big is better than 100% slice of nothing."
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