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“Not liking movies is like not liking puppies.”
"Anyone who makes a film is an optimist."
“We all agreed, celebrities aren't people.”

“Acting is reacting.”

“Today, I’ve come to believe that the marketing of a movie is more important than the movie itself.  That is, to me, a very sad thing.  Perhaps that explains why there are less films of social relevance because they’re harder to market.”
“The movie business is a cruel and shallow money trench where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs.  There’s also a negative side.”
“If the producers of pictures see only the dollars, then I believe these production efforts will fail.”
“Actors are never ‘who they are’”.
“I love movies more than anything. Movies let you be other people.”
“Actors. They travel the world, all they ever see is a mirror.”
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