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"You can't make men work for money alone.  You starve their souls when you try."
“Money’s just paper if you don’t spend it.”
“As long as there's no find the noble brotherhood will last, but when the piles of gold begin to grow, that's when the trouble starts.”
“If you was to make a real strike, you couldn’t be dragged away.  Not even the threat of miserable death would keep you from trying to add ten thousand more.  Ten you’d want to get twenty-five, twenty-five you’d want to get fifty, fifty a hundred.  Like roulette. One more turn, you know.  Always one more.”
“I would like to be rich the way I would like to be ten feet tall – is good for some things, bad for others.”
"After all, what is money?  It's a token.  It's the power to buy ourselves something that will make us a little happier."
“That’s the tragedy of the rich – they don’t need anything.”
"Isn't it silly to spend the best years of our lives waiting?  Why not be comfortable now?
“Maybe it'll stop you trying to be so desperate about making more money than you can ever use.  You can't take it with you, Mr. Kirby. So what good is it? “
“Riches harden the heart.”
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