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"Plenty of money is a hard habit to kick."
“You can be young without money.  But you can’t be old without it.”
"Money thinks I'm dead."
“Money handles most people.”
“To make a hundred dollars into a hundred and ten dollars – this is work.  To make a hundred million into a hundred and ten million – this is inevitable.”
“You want to know what's wrong with our waterfront? It's the love of a lousy buck. It's love of a buck, the cushy job, more important than the love of man!”
“I never met a rich man yet who didn’t think he was loved in spite of his money.”
"If you've got enough money, no excuses are necessary."
"You can't make men work for money alone.  You starve their souls when you try."
“Money’s just paper if you don’t spend it.”
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