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"One thing I've learned about money is it's never just the money.  It always stands for something."
"If you can count your money, you're not a billionaire."
"Getting rich is easy; any fool can get rich.  Many number of fools do.  But being rich, that's something else.  When a man becomes wealthy he has to deal with the problems of freedom.  All the choices he could possibly want.  An abyss opens up.  I've watched that abyss.  I've watched in ruin men, marriages, and, most of all, it ruins the children."
"Money has no smell as long as there's enough of it."
"No man ought to stay poor so another man can get rich."
"Where a lot of money and a lot of expectation is at stake, people's ideas become a bit skewed."
"It's not beneath you if it's supporting you."
"That's capitalism, babe.  Shit rolls downhill, profits roll up."
"I'm way too old to have this much nothing."
"The true price of any item is what somebody is willing to pay for it."
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