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“A man don’t want anything they get too easy.”
"A man who doesn't care if he lives or dies is not exactly a wholesome specimen."
“Every man has business and desire, such as it is.”
“The moment you meet a man, he’s either a gentleman in every sense of the word, or he’s not.”
“If you want men to behave well to you, you must be beastly to them.  If you treat them decently, they will make you suffer for it.”
"When a man gets too complicated, he's unhappy. And when he's unhappy, his luck runs out."
“Women love us for our defects.  If we have enough of them they’ll forgive anything.”
“That’s one of the tragedies of this life – the men most in need of a beating are always enormous.”
"What a gentleman says and what a gentleman thinks are two different things."
“In spite of the fact that all men are, uh, male, there’s no feeling so secure as having a good reliable husband.”
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