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"Love the man, love the dream."
"Every man wants to be infallible.  Every man wants to win.  Every man wants to get the gear.  Every man wants to be number one."
“We’re kind of like dogs, you see.  You pet us, we’ll be loyal to you forever.”
“Boys shack, men build homes.”
“Men get so attached to their toys.  It diminishes them, they lose their credibility.”
"They're men dear.  If they ever stop competing, they die."
“Forgotten men are dangerous men.”
“Where does the man end and the beast begin?”
“Man just wants to be happy but society wants him to be good.  When he’s good, man is rarely happy, and when he’s happy he’s always good.”
“A guy can change anything - his face, his home, his family, his girlfriend, his religion,his God.  But there's one thing he can't change, he can't change his passion.”
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