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“Memory is dynamic, it’s alive.  If some details are missing, memory fills in the holes with things that never happened.”
“I was of the opinion that the past is past, and like all that is not now it should remain buried along the side of our memories.”
“I guess a memory is never finished as long as you are alive.”
“Memory is a wonderful thing if you don’t have to deal with the past.”
Memories are like moonbeams, we do with them what we will.”
“To have memories of those you have loved and lost is perhaps harder than to have no memories.“
“Nobody takes a picture of something they want to forget.”
Memories shared serve each one differently.”
“Be careful, Chief.  You dig up the past, all you get is dirty.”
“In my life I find that memories of the spirit linger and sweeten long after memories of the brain have faded.”
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