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Meaningful Living

“We must remember that all these things, the nuances, the anomalies, the subtleties, which we assume only accessorize our days are in fact here for a much larger and nobler cause.  They are here to save our lives.”
“Every show is your last show.  That’s my philosophy.”
“It would be good if you opened your heart to the fullness of time and spirit.”
"Go live it like the one you've always wanted."
“The reward is in the doing of it.”
“If you don’t go when you want to go, when you do go, you’ll find you’ve gone.”
Life is not the amount of breaths you take. It's the moments that take your breath away.”
“You live more in five minutes on a bike like that, going flat out, than some people live in a lifetime.”
“Great moments are born from great opportunity.”
“You don't have to live forever. You just have to live.”
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