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Meaningful Living

“All of life is a coming home. Salesmen, secretaries, coal miners, beekeepers, sword swallowers, all of us.  All the restless hearts of the world, all trying to find a way home.”
“I think it’s because we’re looking for the meaning.  Where is the meaning?  We have mindless jobs, we take frantic vacations, deficit finance trips to the mall to buy more things that we think are going to fill these holes in our lives.  Is it any wonder that we’ve lost our sense of direction?”
“You know what the trouble about real life is?   There's no danger music.”
“Everything is so finite but that’s what makes our time and specific moments so important.”
“Enjoy it while it lasts.”
“This kind of certainty comes but once in a lifetime.”
“Get busy living or get busy dying.”
“Any journey in life, if not done for human reasons of understanding and love, would be a very empty and lonely one.”
“There is no normal life, there's just life.  You live it.”
“Why is life at this point in the twentieth century so focused upon the very beginning of life and the very end of life?  What about the 80 years we have to live between those two inexorable bookends?”
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