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Man of La Mancha

“And maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be.”
“Dying is such a waste of good health.”
“I come to a world of iron to make a world of gold.”
“There are many ways God leads his children home.”
“Call nothing thine except thy soul.  Love not what thou art, only what thou may become.  Do not pursue pleasure for thou mayest have the misfortune to overtake it.  Look always forward.  In last year’s nests there are no birds this year.”
“One madman makes a hundred, one love makes a thousand.”
“A Knight without a lady is a body without a soul.”
“There’s a remedy for everything except death.”
“Poetry demands imagination and with imagination you may discover a dream.”
“Take a deep breath of life and consider how it should be lived.”
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