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"Wouldn't you say that more ill has been done in the name of love than in the name of abomination?"
“A man who lies cannot love.”
“Without love, life has no purpose.”
“Love needs all the help it can get.”

“She made me look at myself in a way I hadn’t done for years.”

"Let love be enough then."
“You love someone, or say you do.  It’s tangible, like words.  You are also loved, you form a bond.  It gives you security, a chance to endure.”
“Love takes us in strange ways.  It’s the language of the blood.  It’s neither cold nor indifferent.  It’s either agony or ecstasy, sometimes both at once.”
“Once we love, it’s forever.”
“We believe what they did when they made a man crazy was they made him fall in love.”

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