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Identity vs Image

“Everybody’s heart beats a little different.  Everybody’s got a little different feel.”
“I see that I’m a little piece of a big big universe and that makes things right.”
“Labels not make you happy.  Good, bad - you must love you.”
“We can’t just run away from who we are.”
“The only way they’ll know the real us is if we show the real us.”
“I know me better than anyone because I live in here.”
“We all try to be something were not.”
“You can’t deny yourself forever.”
"Secrets are a dangerous thing.  We all think we want to know them but if you've kept one to yourself you come to understand that, by doing so, you may learn something about somebody else, but you'll also discover something about yourself."
“I’m not who I thought I was and I’m terrified that I never will be.”
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