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“She has a wonderful vitality and a natural optimism.  That’s the best medicine anyone could have.”
“Preventative medicine hasn’t anything to do with medicine at all.  It’s concerned with conditions – living conditions, hygiene, and common sense.”
“One way of preventing disease is worth fifty ways of curing it.”
“One year an ailment’s stylish, and another year t’ain’t.”
“Sick or well, we are not meant to suffocate in this world.”
"Even a simple concussion can have serious effects on an imaginative person."
“Very old Chinese wise man once say, "Madness twin brother of genius because each live in world created by own ego. One sometimes mistaken for the other."
“A habit can be cured, if the patient wants to.”

“I was never sick a day in my life and why?  It’s because I do things and get out and get moving.”
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