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Happiness and Fulfillment

"As long as men set their ideals on the wrong objects, there can be no real happiness.  Not until men learn that it comes from within themselves."
“There is nothing that can cure the soul but the senses.  Just as there is nothing that can cure the senses but the soul.”
“If I were free, there would be only one thing I would want to do, prove that you’re not immune to happiness.”
“I believe, no matter what our despair, there is a Heaven on this Earth for each of us, if we can only find it.”
“’It is within my power to give you happiness when you are young or happiness when you are old.  Which shall it be?’  The Princess pondered in deep thought.  ‘It is a hard choice, dear Godmother, but if I spend my share of happiness while I am young, then I shall have nothing left to look forward to.  So, let me have my happiness when I am old and may heaven send me patience.’”
“Happiness is not a little cake which we cut up to feed my appetite.”
"The happiest days are the hardest to relive."
‘So what the devil is there better to life than what we’ve got?  A handful of perfect hours, that’s all the luckiest ever get out of it, just a handful of hours to save and remember.”
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