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Happiness and Fulfillment

“What a beautiful death to die in the arms of your passion.”
“The past is just something we can’t do anything about.  The future, who knows, it could be wonderful or it could be something else.  So, let’s just be happy now.”
“You are wrong if you think that the joy of life comes principally from human relationships.  God’s placed it all around us, it’s in everything, in anything we can experience.  People just need to change the way they look at those things.”
“Happiness is only real when shared.”
"Maybe happiness is something we can only pursue, but never have."
Nobody ever asks to be happy later.”
"Yesterday you were better off than you are today but it took today for you to realize it.  But today has arrived and it's too late. You see? People are never happy with what they have. They want what they had, or what others have. The grass is always greener on the other side."
“We must not expect happiness, Sayuri.  It is not something we deserve.  When life goes well it is a sudden gift that cannot last forever.”
“No point in punching things you can’t see.”
“She should find another interest, one she can take more from.”
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