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friendsGood friendships can develop when you spend time with others. They deepen when you share emotional experiences, like high school, college, team challenges, projects, and war. A friend’s role is to be there for you, building memories and sharing dreams. Your friends step forward when the world steps away. Never take for granted the great value of good friends.

Here are a variety of movie quotes about the great value of friends.

"Friends are the family you choose."
"If you want to go quickly, you do it alone.  If you want to go far, you do it together."
"Good friends deserve to be listened to."
"The bedrock of deep meaningful relationships is shared experiences."
"When we lose friends to death, that is the most profound loss.  When we lose them to marriage, the grease is subtler but just as keenly felt."
"Friendship is essential to the soul."
"Real friends are hard to find."
"Only by one's friends can one truly be known."
"In a good friendship, you only tell each other the good things."
"You may never be as wise as an owl but you'll always be a hoot to me."
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